Live Sermons, Teaching Videos, Promotional video, and Special Services are just a few of the places where video productions can enhance your ministry. We are a Christian organization so all the work we do is from a Faith based perspective. All our productions are done with 2 or more professional cameras and sound equipment. It will be fully edited with graphics and text if desired and have a full customized DVD menu with chapter selections for quick previewing. The Disc and case will also be specially designed for you and reflect the essence of the message. In 2005, we produced a Mother's Day video at International Gospel Centre involving all the children. The children spoke poems, special words and displayed artwork to show their love for their Mothers. The presentation was available afterwards on DVD to keep as a treasured memory. Here are some other examples of how Video Productions can be used in Ministry applications.

     Live Sermons and Services
We will record your Sermon or special service and make it available on DVD or VHS to be shared with others.

     Teaching and Instructional Video
You can have your teaching at a live event or set up specifically for just recording the video itself. If you are having a seminar or special teaching, we can be there to record it and make available to those that couldn't attend or to share with others in the future. If you would like to create a special teaching video for sale or distribution, we can help.

     Promotional Video for events
If you would like to advertise an event to your congregation or others, we can put together a promotional video that will capture your audiences attention and deliver your message.

     Promotional Video for you
If you would like to promote your ministry, whether it's a Church, School, Teaching, Training or Song Ministry, we can produce a video to share with those you would like to inform about what you do.

     Videos for Service
Let us help you convey a special message during a service. This can be used to support a Sermon or Teaching and act as a visual aid. It can also be used to convey a special message.


Although the services we provide for Church Ministy are extensive, we currently do not have any standard packages for our Ministry services. Please contact us with your specific request and we can give you a custom quote to suit your needs. Thank-you.



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