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Tribute videos are made from a compilation of photos or video and special words all set to music and thoughtfully designed to capture a specific feeling.  All of our productions are professionally edited with transition and tasteful special effects.  For each video, a custom DVD menu is created and the DVD Disc and Case are custom designed for the occasion.  They are also available on VHS.  Even if you have no idea what you would like, you can just give us your photos and we will do all the rest.  We can record personal messages from your family and friends as well and include these in the video.  With the combination of meaningful photos or video,  special messages, and appropriate music, Tribute videos are always an emotional experience.   What can a Tribute Video be used for you ask?

We commonly use Tribute videos in many of our wedding packages referred to as the Photo Montage.  You can use baby pictures, growing up, engagement photos or any others you may have.  Some people like to show these at the wedding receptions or engagement parties.  Or, if by chance you did not have a professional  videographer at your wedding, we can bring your wedding photos to life in a video presentation that will be a fantastic keepsake and a joy to watch and share.

Whether it is a first or 80th Birthday, Tribute videos make the best gift.  There is very few gifts you can give for a birthday that will bring laughs and joy for many years to come.  Bring us your funny, memorable, joyful, and special photos or video and we will compile it in a meaningful presentation that will be unlike any other gift you can give. 

Husbands, if you are looking to find that perfect gift for your wife, look no further.  Anniversary videos are sure to please.  Use your wedding photos, and all the precious memories you have had together from children to vacations and we will make you an outstanding gift that will be sure to keep you out of the dog house.

      Special Occasions
Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas or Easter, Tribute videos can be used as a gift or a special memory.  If it's for an entire family, a special group, or just one person, the possibilities are endless.  We made a Mother's Day Tribute video with the children of our church that blessed the Mother's hearts beyond words.  You can view it in the samples area. 

A funeral should be a celebration of life and a time to remember all the good and  meaningful things that a person brought to the lives of others.   A Tribute video can be shown at the service or just playing in the funeral home as friends and family come to visit.  These videos are incredibly powerful and will bring back those special moments you shared.  These Tributes are a keepsake that you can watch and share for generations to come.


    Those photo albums sitting on the book shelf are full of treasures.  Why let them sit and wait for someone to come and look at them.  Instead, bring them to us and we will work wonders with them.  The possibilities are endless.



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